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Modernising copyright – The impact on artists.

DACS is concerned that the Government’s latest efforts to ‘modernise copyright’ do not consider the impact of the proposed changes on visual artists and how their practice differs from other types of creators.

At the end of last year the Government set out proposals to allow for copyright protected works to be used in some additional circumstances without the need to seek permission from the creator or owner – these are known as copyright exceptions.

In the UK, the Copyright Design and Patents Act 1988 already provides for a number of copyright exceptions, however this new move will see them extended further which could be problematic for visual artists. See website for further info:

Established by artists for artists, DACS (Design and Artists Copyright Society) is a not-for-profit visual arts rights management organisation. Founding artists such as Eduardo Paolozzi, Susan Hiller and Elaine Kowalsky set up DACS 28 years ago to protect artists’ rights and ensure they are recognised both financially and morally.

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