Bright Lights Big City


The Next Saatchi Online Showdown Competition: “Bright Lights, Big City”

Given the great tradition of the cityscape throughout the history of art, we’d like to see your depictions of the urban landscape. It could be the city at night or empty at dawn; the city as architectural wonder, or as a place for work; an aerial view or the urban terrain seen close up at street level.

You can submit work in any medium (painting, photography, sculpture, collage, drawing etc) and in any genre (figurative, abstract, realist, etc).

Submit to Showdown by April 17

To enter our Bright Lights, Big City Showdown, please visit our dedicated Showdown page.

The Entry Period ends on Wednesday, April 17 at 11:59am pst.

The preliminary voting runs from April 17- May 1. In order to vote for Showdown, you need to be a registered Saatchi Online user.

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