‘Scenic Wonders’- modern masterpieces – Catalogue Now Online


Alexander Korzer-Robinson

Exhibition: The Searchers contemporary

‘Scenic Wonders’-modern masterpieces April 21st-May 7th 2013
A new collection of sculpted tomes fresh from the cutting edge of artist Alexander Korzer-Robinson, whose extraordinary  creative practice has earned him a global following.  For this exhibition he has directed his precise wizardry to a group of volumes on the subject of medicine, obsessively carving his way through ‘Grays Anatomy’ and a ‘Larousse Medical’.

Alex’s work has evolved within the tradition of collage but by drawing on his background in psychology and giving free reign to the notion of the ‘inner landscape’ he elegantly transforms these forgotten books into thoroughly modern masterpieces with a universal appeal, His use of antiquarian books suggests both an exploration and a deconstruction of nostalgia that results in complex narrative scenarios.

‘We create our own past from fragments of reality in a process that combines the willful aspects of remembering and forgetting with the coincidental and unconscious’ AKR

The largest collection of Alexander’s sculpted books ever to be seen in one place is now on show at The Searchers gallery on St Michaels Hill, until May 7th. Including a group of medical encyclopaedias.

Exhibition catalogue now on-line

Originally from Berlin, Alex now lives and works in Bristol.

14 St Michaels Hill, Bristol BS2 8DT

Contact: Ruth 07711541852

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