Pool out of the Pool


This Weekend, Megan Clark-Bagnall Presents:

POOL OUT OF THE POOL is a development of Megan’s residency at Crewe Swimming Pool during October & November 2012 and celebrates the success of her project Pool in the Pool. The original piece involved Crewe Flyers (a local swimming team) acting as pool balls to re-create a live game of the table top ball game in Crewe Swimming Pool. Over the exhibition period Megan will host 1930’s style on land swimming lessons. Among other useful wet-side skills she will teach Aquatic Breathing and the best techniques for using Breast Stroke on land.
Don’t miss out on The Ultimate On Land Pool Party!
FRIDAY 26th April
Opening from 7pm
7.45 – 8pm Swimming lesson (beginners)
8.45 – 9pm Swimming lesson (intermediate)
9.15 – 9.45 Pool out of the Pool (reserved seating)
9.45 onwards Dry – Side Pool Party
Opening 10am – 4pm
12 – 12.15pm Swimming lesson (beginners)
2 – 2.15pm Swimming lesson (beginners)
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