Lindsey Bull – In Disguise at High House


Save the Date | Lindsey Bull | Champagne View 4 May

High House are delighted to present Lindsey Bull’s third solo exhibition. Her beautiful and delicate small-scale paintings are deceptively simple whilst addressing notions of disguise and transformation.
The figures presented are often masked, hooded or in some way concealed, enacting undefined movements; fragments of performative action that slip into abstract and undulating rhythm of brush strokes. These are figures that are in flux, fleetingly tangible, yet at the same time abstracted and unknowable. They rest in a perpetual state of disguise.
Throughout her practice Bull explores these perceptions of reality and illusion, investigating fragmentary instances where the real merges with the fantastical, exploring a history of practices that shift the everyday into realms of spiritual, ritualistic or psychedelic perception. She draws upon a lexicon of imagery – from books on witchcraft and cults, to silent film stills and occult magazines.
Following her selection as a finalist in the highly-regarded Griffin Prize this is a rare opportunity to view a sigificant collection of her latest works.
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