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On the 18th Apr 2013

It looks as if Bath is living out a childhood ambition, it’s only gone and got itself a Pony! When I say this, I’m talking about a new art gallery, Pony, opening just this month. This new venue can now add itself to Bath’s ever growing contemporary art scene, despite preconceptions of Jane Austin and afternoon tea, could Bath be getting younger?

After making this discovery, I took a look at this exciting new space and its first offering. Inside I found Jack Davis and his first solo show, In & Between. After putting the space together with his own ambition, he has taken things into his own hands to put a show together.

In his own words (as he also happened to be in there) the work shown is a clear attempt to understand our and his relationship with contemporary 21st century landscapes. His working practice involves creating paintings, using aluminium to collide it with digital satellite navigation tools. However, his paintings didn’t excite me in comparison to the sculptures running alongside.

After manually bending, adjusting the industrial materials, depending on the artists whim and location, he creates something refreshing and extremely pleasing! Coupled with beautiful bright colours and this fresh new space, it was enough to make me feel as if things at Pony can only get more exciting, so come and place your bets!

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