A Beautiful Death



16th May – 7th Jul 2013

A Beautiful Death provides an overarching view of the perplexities of the quotidian; spiritually, physically and emotionally. The various transitions and stages one experiences throughout life; the vitality of youth, coming of age, responsibility of adulthood and ageing process will all feature. The intention behind the theme is to enable viewers to relate entirely to the successes and tragedies depicted and, in doing so, simultaneously monumentalise the story of the everyday.

We are reminded of the transience of life by Simon Ledson’s exquisitely executed mandala series and Lucy Willow’s photographs, where seemingly rotting subject matter is presented in a beautiful still life format. We are projected into scenes of workplace politics by John Clark, transported to the notion of escapism by Hannah Lewis Davies, memorised by the playful nature of children in Sherrod Barnes-Gifford’s vivacious work, intrigued by the unusual, nature inspired biomorphic sculptures of Claire Jackson and confronted with our inescapable fate by Nigel Oddy’s ink block skull image and resin sculptures.

Grotesquely beautiful, melancholic and humorous, A Beautiful Death draws upon, scrutinises and celebrates the human condition.

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159-161 Hotwell Road
Bristol BS8 4RY

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