Dave Morgan-Davies ‘Lost in Transition’


An exhibition of ‘quiet photography’

Preview: Tuesday 21st May 5.00-8.00pm

The Searchers contemporary invites you to an exhibition of photography from the lens of Bristol Artist Dave Morgan-Davies. A distillation of a thousand images of land and sea taken during a recent residency on Cape Cornwall; Dave’s slow thoughtful ‘less is more’ approach captures the unique aura of the location. A moment after sunset with traces of an eerie alien glow on the horizon, the sea transformed into dark molten metal or ripples that echo the striations in the cliff face. We are invited to get lost in the vastness and yet see the detail; to explore the margins of what is and isn’t there.

Combining sound and technology with his love of photography Dave, was awarded an MA with distinction in Interactive Media in 2006 and a one-year fellowship at the University of the West of England. His first solo show ‘What you see is what you see’ at ‘Motorcade Flashparade’ in 2012 was part of the Bristol Photography Festival. Dave recently won the Louise Copping Fine Art award at the 160th RWA Autumn Open exhibition. He lives and works in Bristol.

The exhibition continues 21st May – 14th June 2013

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