Call For Entries 2013 – PASSION FOR FREEDOM

The art competition is organised by Passion for Freedom, an independent group of friends standing up for freedom of speech and artistic expression.

The annual international festival is a rare collection of works of “courageous artists” in the categories of film, photography, painting, sculpture, publications, performance and other forms of artistic expression. So far the competition has featured more than 150 artists from all over the world, including Sarah Maple, Steve Rosenthal, Fiona Dent, Robb Leech, among others.

“Brave” artists from around the world such as Ai Weiwei (who spent three months in prison and is banned from contacting the media), Jafar Panahi (several times arrested on charges of propaganda against the Islamic Republic), Johan van der Dong (no galleries in Europe have courage to show his work for the fear of attacks), Ferri Farahmandi, Azadeh Behroozi and many others, showed their works at the PFF festival and still have the courage to create despite the threat to their lives and the safety of their family. Some are forced to hide behind a nickname, others withdraw their works or self-censor themselves to avoid “offending religious feelings”.

As every year, the entry is open from 1 April. Works can be submitted by mid September 2013. The festival will be held in November at the UNIT24 Gallery next to Tate Modern.




Please find detailed information, Submission Form, Terms and Conditions on our website:

This year work has begun on a catalogue that gathers all the great artists who fight for human rights. If you know an artist who should appear in the book please submit their application to the following address with a note FREEDOM ARTIST:

Passion for Freedom Group

“Honoured to have been the recipient of last year’s ‘Visitors Choice Award’ I would urge everyone to support, in whatever way that they can, the tireless work being done by the ‘Passion for Freedom Festival’. The Festival brings together artists from many corners of the globe whose work treats about human rights issues and defends freedoms of expression,

It provides a much needed platform for information dissemination, reflexive discussion and artistic articulation. It highlights ongoing repressive issues and potentially enables social, governmental, and dogmatic change at this time of increasing global conservatism.’

Steve Rosenthal (UK)
Visitors Choice Award 2011

“Freedom is a fragile balance and they stated this with their beautiful view and exhibition they worked on so carefully and balanced. This festival deserves worldwide recognition and attention. It has more than proven its existence because it shows us how precious peace, freedom and security are”

Johan van der Dong (Netherland)
Shortlisted Artist 2012

Passion for Freedom Festival will comprise two exhibitions taking place from 02.11-09.11.2013 at the UNIT24 Gallery, 20 Great Guildford Street, London SE1 0FD.

The Festival will present selected works from artists, film makers and writers whose work speaks for freedom and artists selected from an open submission.


Passion for Freedom invites submissions from visual artists involved in practice of painting, sculpture, drawing, print, photography, mixed media, installation and video. Performance artists are requested to contact the Curator directly before applying.

There is a size limitation of 1.5 metres width for two-dimensional work, 1.5 metres width and depth and 2.5 metre height for three-dimensional work, 15 minutes for video.

The works must have been made since 2011.

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