The New Collective – Artist Residencies


Summer Residency & Exhibition Opportunity: 15 July – 8 September 2013

Application is now open for proposals from newly emerging artists to apply to be an artist in residence at Philadelphia Street in Bristol.

The project is a new initiative set up to support emerging artists and provide experience to emerging arts professionals in the Bristol area. We will select around 6 applications from artists we feel would most benefit from this opportunity.

Funded by O2ThinkBig, the new collective will provide a residency space for a handful of artists and host a programme of free events and artist talks. The two month residency will culminate in a two week exhibition of the artists’ work to be held at Philadelphia Street.

Artists’ work will identify with the theme of discovery, perhaps addressing scientific or self-discovery, forming representations of adventure and travel, or investigating the possibilities and limitations of materials and space.

For more information and how apply click here.

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