A Matter of Substance


A Matter of Substance

5 – 7 July 2013

An Exhibition and Salon Discussion Event
‘A cross-disciplinary
 Exhibition and Salon exploring the perception 
and transformation of materials.’

Venue: APT Gallery, Deptford, Creekside, SE8 4SA
Private View: Thursday 4 July 6-8pm
Salon: Saturday 6 July, doors open at 5.30pm, for prompt start at 6pm
This event is free and will officially finish at 9pm
There will be the opportunity for informal discussion and to view the exhibition from 9pm.
Booking is essential as numbers will be restricted, please email info@ideas-matter-sphere.com to reserve your place.
Exhibition open: Friday 5 July to Sunday 7 July 12 – 5pm

We are pleased to announce this exciting development of the ideas-matter-sphere programme:  a three-day exhibition with a discussion salon.The event will explore materiality in art, science and philosophy. We’ll look at how we measure, record and contextualize, and how we respond and interact with materials.  

The material world is a complex place.  The enormous variety of available materials provides a resource capable of constant change and development.  Yet individual materials can soon become defined and fixed in our minds by the everyday forms and functions assigned to them, and familiarity soon develops into fixed expectation.

Looking again from another viewpoint can challenge assumptions and allow a wider understanding from which innovation can emerge.  The creative transformation of materials, or fresh insights into their physical or conceptual properties can act as a catalyst, offering new ways of understanding materials and our relationships with them.

A Matter of Substance looks again at some familiar materials and offers some alternative perspectives from art, science and philosophy.  The Exhibition and Salon will explore the transformation of materials, how measurement and context play a large part in our understanding of materials, and our perception of physical objects.

The Exhibition features the work of artists Rich White, Catherine Jacobs, Phillip Hall Patch, Caroline Lambard and Elizabeth Murton, and materials physicist Martin Uhrin.  It looks at the processes used by the artists to explore materials and create new contexts, and how the work presented can alter and suggest a wider perception of the materials.

Rich White’s installation will be a dynamic work in progress:  developing over the exhibition, it will use locally-found materials, which may be waste or recycled materials, to create a site-specific structure.  The process of discovery, understanding and working in partnership with the found materials, together with their context, will be essential elements of this work.  Catherine Jacobs’ images, conversely, present a fascinating juxtaposition between what is first perceived and what then emerges as the source of the image.

Artist and architect Phillip Hall Patch will exhibit work from an ongoing project, ‘Salt Licks’.   To be constructed on the coast of Lincolnshire, this project re-appropriates salt blocks (commonly used in water softening machines)  to create an elegant sculpture which will gradually erode over time.  Materials physicist Martin Uhrin will show images and forms from his research into the intricate crystal structures of materials.  Phillip and Martin will also be speaking about their work at the Salon.  Caroline Lambard’s installation challenges the accepted function of a standard polymer thread, re-presenting it as structure and form;  and Elizabeth Murton uses paper and ink to explore repetition and process, and our search for meaning as we interpret our material world.

Ongoing: Rich White’s installation will develop in the main window of the gallery over the 3 day event and will be visible to people passing by and visiting the gallery.   Phillip Hall-Patch will be in the gallery with samples of the salt lick blocks to demonstrate and talk with visitors about his project.

The Salon Event brings together four fascinating perspectives on materiality.   Andrew Hanson, a Psychophysicist from the National Physical Laboratory, will discuss and demonstrate the sensory perception of materials.  Materials physicist Martin Uhrin looks at the structure of materials at macro and micro scales, and the transformative effect of small change in those structures.  Phillip Hall Patch will talk about the salt-lick project he is exhibiting and will explain the process of development and research into the material.  Philosopher Josh Bronson looks at the idea that an awareness of physical objects is a precondition for self-consciousness, through the work of philosophers including Kant,  PF Stawson and Gareth Evans.

ideas-matter-sphere (Caroline Lambard) and Elizabeth Murton

Rich White:            http://www.counterwork.co.uk/index.php
Philip Hall-Patch:          http://www.studiostvitus.co.uk/
Catherine Jacobs:         http://www.catherinejacobs.co.uk/
Caroline Lambard:         http://www.calcaro.com
Elizabeth Murton:          http://www.elizabethmurton.co.uk/
Martin Uhrin

Following on from the success of our London pub discussion events, we are doing a Salon with four speakers exploring the theme of the exhibition: A Matter of Substance.
Reserve your place in advance for our afternoon Salon by emailing bookings@ideas-matter-sphere.com

Andrew Hanson, Psychophysicist National Physical Laboratory
Martin Uhrin, Material Physicist UCL
Philip Hall-Patch Architect & Artist
Josh Bronson philosophy PhD student at Birkbeck College

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