Artists needed for new research project


Artists wanted

This summer Taragano Theatre will be facilitating six (free) workshops.
The aim of this workshops is to get a group of artists from different disciplines together in a studio to investigate how different art forms can talk about the same subjects.
It will be a place to look for artistic answers, or at least to ask questions. It will be a place to explore, play and create. A place to “waste time” on all the things we often can’t because there is a product or piece that needs to be finished. It is also a place to learn from each other. Mariana Taragano will be leading the first few sessions and afterwards interested participants will be encouraged, but never forced, to share their experiences and abilities with the rest of the group as well.

This is an opportunity to know how Taragano Theatre works and become a part of a network of artists that will be considered for future work, both research based, like this one, and/or for new productions.

Taragano Theatre is an independent performance group that works mainly in the medium of movement theatre and aims to collaborate with a wide range of artistic disciplines that will challenge audiences and artists alike. Our goal is to bring people closer to the arts by creating and performing original work, as well as researching ways to use arts as a communication tool.

Artists we are interested in working with
We are looking for open minded individuals across all artistic disciplines: dancers, musicians, theatre artists, visual artists working across all mediums, writers and more. Artists that are willing to explore their art as a vehicle, not a destination and are therefore open to let their craft open way to creativity.

What to expect
In the first few sessions the exploration will be movement based. If you are not an experienced mover, that is perfectly fine, we will be looking at expression and creativity so all you need is an open mind and heart, your body will follow.
After that we hope participants from other disciplines will be inspired to share their knowledge and spark creativity by sharing their own methods.

Every Monday, starting the 15th of July until, and including, the 19th of August at 11am-2pm in Brixton, London.

If you are interested
Please send a few lines introducing yourself and your work and outlining your interest. You can add a CV and links to your work if you feel it will illuminate your expression of interest.
Places are limited, so attendance is by invitation only.
Please make sure you can attend at least four of these workshops so a process can occur.
Email us with your expression of interest or any questions onĀ

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