Not A Drop


Not A Drop is a 48-hour arts event that will use creativity to draw attention to the ecological, social and political issues associated with water.

Water is essential to life

– It covers 2/3 of the planet and yet clean water is increasingly scarce.
– Overfishing, mining and pollution are tipping ecosystems out of balance and pushing people into poverty.
– Oceans and waterways are the playground of pirates, human traffickers, smugglers and stowaways; they are home to boat people and fishing communities.
– Water has inspired literature, music and visual art since time immemorial.
– In its transformative natural states, water is integral to the planet and all life forms on it. It fundamentally governs our ecosystems.

Not A Drop will take place over 48 hours in September at 47/49 Tanner Street, London, SE1 3LP.

We are currently seeking artists to be part of this multidisciplinary show. Artists are invited to address these issues or explore the physical substance in any format or style. If you would like to submit work please read some more Information for Artists, then complete a Submission Form, and bear in mind our Terms and Conditions.

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