Leap into the Sublime


You are invited to the Private View of Leap into the Sublime on Sat 6th July 6pm-9pm.

With music from up and coming soul-funk-groove band Soul Strut!! 

Brought to you by Gleeson galleries, Leap into the Sublime will showcase a selection of international artists from Japan, USA, France and UK.

“We’d like to use this exhibition to represent our collective views on the sublime nature of the world around us & leap into it as Yves Klein leapt into the ‘void’ in 1960.

Our work encompasses:  landscape – with natural resplendence and latent power held within, plus images leading from the human form indicating potential, determination & the will to overcome.

This makes the reality in which we live, the same reality that holds sublime power, the sublime power that concerns us in this exhibition – leap to a higher understanding…”

Exhibition continues until 14 July.

44AD Artspace

7b Lower Borough Walls

Bath BA1 1QR


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