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We love the Summer. Every year in July and August we experiment with our curating and for the only exhibition of the year we are theme-less. The Summer Salon exhibitions give us the opportunity to try out new artists, new work, new styles, and keep it fast moving. Unlike other exhibitions, if a piece sells then we remove it straight away and replace it with something new. Similarly, we may just decide to randomly introduce new work or another artist. Sometimes this is a straight swap and sometimes it means we end up moving things about and re-hanging the whole show. Playtime for the curators!

This year we are particularly excited to be introducing three new artists that have already made an impression on visitors to the gallery. Whilst laying them on the floor and discussing the art work we received lots of positive feedback and even made a sale.

Husband and wife duo Kate and Paul Kessling have very different styles of individual art but also collaborate in their creativity. Paul’s heavily layered multi-coloured abstract paintings have depth and movement inspired by the natural landscape (I have spent a long long time looking into the detail of ‘Skywriting’, a mesmeric painting you can get lost in). Kate also feeds from the natural world with her woodcut prints of tree sections, showing up to two hundred years of naturally produced art hidden inside a trunk. Together the Kesslings have made a series of wall sculptures called Dot Matrix. These fascinating pieces allow viewer interaction to move different coloured pegs to create their own patterns. These can be enjoyed on a child-like level of random selection or a deeply thoughtful approach to colour matching and the resulting images.

A friend of a friend (that’s sometimes how it happens), Libby Lloyd entered our gallery earlier this year with some large canvases of silk screen dot images. At first I was taken by the aesthetic nature of the colour mixes and then, as I spent more time with them, other images emerged from the dot patterns. I was intrigued to learn of Libby’s Phd involving colour theory and it appeared to be no accident as to the different responses and feelings I had to each piece.

So far, Summer Salon 2013 promises to be full of bright colours and high impact aesthetic quality underpinned by layers of ‘thought’. But of course that may change after the first week!


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