Hannah Knox at Ceri Hand


Hannah Knox at Ceri Hand 20 September 2013  –  26 October 2013

Preview 12 September 2013 6.30-8.30pm

Hannah Knox’s practice takes painting as its focus. Her most recent works are made from a selection of fabrics and cloths, ostensibly unpainted they are stained, poured, dipped, printed or sprayed. Shape-shifting they fall from the ceiling, hang out on the floor or gather themselves up to make a stand-in body in the room; actively embracing the world beyond the wall.

Knox’s paintings act like an entrance and evoke an alternate space and reality – a portal into another dimension. Referencing Greek myth whilst reconstructing painterly myth, they speak of personal history and paintings past. A recent wall hanging and painted floor piece was based on the myth of Europa and Laelaps and became the central structure and metaphor for a recent solo exhibition, Stoffbilder. Europa acted as a symbolic matriarchal Greek pillar or column supporting the room, a sensual, powerful image that located the show formally and historically. A series of thermochromatic paintings clash high and low culture as they heat up and glow, reminiscent of a 90’s fashion trend, whilst referencing a series of Blinky Palermo cloth paintings “Stoffbilder” themselves inspired by Rothko.

Using a variety of materials and surfaces, the works play with relationships both as a metaphor and in a more literal way as a marriage or clash of colours. Knox’s paintings are made to perform, change colour, heat up or sensually absorb light from the room. They are often presented as an installation with paintings linking to one another in a familial group, colours run through, some appear to be cropped, zoomed in and repeated. The more recent paintings feel spacey, as if seen from above, suggesting a galaxy and a bigger picture. They are attention-getting with a fluorescent palette of bright pinks, two-tone dupion, silks and sea blues, the initial loudness of the hues flat lining into a quieter echo or vibration.

See website for further information: http://www.cerihand.co.uk/artists/20/hannah-knox/

Ceri Hand Gallery

6 Copperfied Street, London, SE1 0EP

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