Richard Serra: Trajectory

Richard Serra

Richard Serra: Trajectory

11th Sep 2013 – 8th Oct 2013 at 34 Cork Street

The Alan Cristea Gallery will present the first exhibition in the UK devoted to Richard Serra’s prints from 11 September – 5 October 2013 at 34 Cork Street. Serra is an artist well known for his monumental sculpture which explores and defies concepts of weight, balance and gravity. Since the 1970s prints and drawings have also been an important part of his practice and this exhibition will introduce audiences to the artist’s equally prolific work as a printmaker.

This exhibition focuses on three groups of etchings from the past ten years. Extension and Trajectory are both part of the Arc of the Curve series from 2004, and examine movement through space and the curve of a line, from broad, sweeping gestures to slight bends and turns. Some lean dramatically; others stoop. In contrast, Ballast (2011), is a series dealing with weight, stability and control; the black mass sits at the bottom of the sheet, revealing a small glimpse of white paper at the top. These prints are serious, minimal and sculptural – a closer look at their surface reveals a highly pitted, three-dimensional, intaglio landscape.

In order to achieve the texture in these etchings, a ‘found’ surface in the form of an exterior stucco wall was used. Frosted mylar was taped to the wall and then lithographic rubbing ink was applied. The texture of the wall was then transferred to a copper plate photographically using a light sensitive emulsion, and the plate was then subjected to the traditional etching process using a tank of acid (Ferric Chloride).


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