Social Deformity


Social Deformity

‘Social Deformity’ contemporary art exhibition

19th Sep – 17th Nov 2013

The online catalogue is now available for viewing and although its not quite complete (some last minute painting still being done), it shows the diversity and strength of this stunning collection of new artwork.

Social Deformity explores the dysfunction of society from both an individual and a collective perspective. Clare Ferguson-Walker returns to View to apply her enormously creative mind to co-curate this exhibition. In addition to some of our regular artists we will be introducing work from new artists, including the dark fantasy painting of Craww, the comedic bears of Phill Jupitus and the disturbing figures of Dean McDowell. As usual, styles are varied and the impact is high.

Society often reflects the dynamics inherent within each individual making up the whole, so it follows that dysfunction on a micro level plays out on a macro stage.

Inner turmoil often leads to outer war, sexual confusion to perverse action, self doubt to social displacement.

When social mobility seems tainted by the polarisation of wealth and poverty, sub-cultures and subversive realities form like germs trapped on a petri dish, and is this trapping not a state of mind? Childhood trauma lurks like a shadow following, whispering doubts, holding the strings; are we then just puppets to our own pasts?

These issues and questions being addressed inSocial Deformity by ten extraordinary artists.

Social Deformity is co-curated by the mutli-talented artist, curator, poet and comedian, Clare Ferguson-Walker. Following the success of last year’s Myth, Magic & Madness exhibition at View, we invited Clare back to apply her creative passion and use her artist network to create a show that once again excites, chellenges and provokes social comment.

Meeting Phill Jupitus

An enthusiast in a time of critics


In preparation for exhibiting at Social Deformity Phil took time out of his busy schedule to tell us a bit about his new ‘Bears’ art. He spent a month performing with our guest curator, Clare Ferguson-Walker, at the Edinburgh Fringe and describes her as absurdly talented. We hope you’ll agree. Read the interview here

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