SyncTank magazine: digital innovation and the arts


SyncTank magazine: digital innovation and the arts

A free magazine from Scotland’s Sync organisation aims to stimulate discussion and encourage a wider interaction with new technologies in the arts.

Sync, the digital innovation think tank designed to support arts organisations in Scotland develop a more progressive relationship with technology and technologists, has published the second edition of its SyncTank magazine.

The 56-page publication brings together a wide range of features, interviews and comment from the site. It aims to stimulate discussion and encourage the innovative use of digital technologies in the arts in Scotland. The Sync programme is supported by Creative Scotland.



Sync is a set of activities designed to support cultural organisations in Scotland develop a more progressive relationship with technology and technologists. It has three central elements: the annual Culture Hack Scotland event, a Geeks-in-Residence programme and the Sync Tank magazine. It is part of Creative Scotland’s Cultural Economy programme for 2012-14, alongside Ambition Scotland and the Nesta R&D programme.  Sync was developed following the initial Culture Hack Scotland in 2011 which was initiated and hosted by the Edinburgh Festivals.


There is currently a great deal of conversation about digital innovation in the cultural sector.  What Sync does is emphasize making over talking and create experimental spaces so that organisations can take risks, explore the unknown, work with exciting talent in new ways and test ideas quickly and cheaply.  Also part of a vibrant innovation practice is a wider understanding of what is possible at the intersection of culture, digital & design and that is found in SyncTank.


The people who really make Sync work are the people who read its website and take part in its programmes. Supporting them/you is a team of producers, all of whom welcome your feedback about how to make Sync work better.

// Rohan Gunatillake looks after strategy and design. In his time he has been a Director of Mission Models Money, created a popular urban meditation mobile app and led the Edinburgh Festivals Innovation Lab – whose ground-breaking work has provided much of the inspiration for Sync.

// Suzy Glass looks after liaison with the cultural sector. She is a cross-artform producer, and has worked with organisations including Edinburgh Art Festival, Cape Farewell, Central Station, C4, the BBC, the London Transport Museum & the Museum of London.

// Erin Maguire looks after events and logistics. She runs Beyongolia, combining leading edge tech savvy with top quality technical production skills.

// Devon Walshe is leading on the tech side of things, looking at things from the perspective of the developer. He’s an entrepreneur, publisher and geek, who among other things is the founder and director of The Journal, an expanding local publishing platform for students and young people

// Chris Sharratt is the editor of SyncTank. Chris is an experienced editor, editorial consultant and writer and alongside SyncTank also contributes to Frieze, Axis and a-n.

As a team, we fully intend to do some good and valuable things for everyone who engages with us. Please let us know what’s working and what’s not, and we’ll see how we can use what we have available to us so we can do things better.

Download a copy of SyncTank 2 here.

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