River Tamar Project Launch: Fathom


The River Tamar Project as part of the Ocean City Festival introduces FATHOM

fath•om (ˈfæð əm) n.

1. a nautical unit of length equal to 6 feet (1.8 m). Abbr.: f., fath, fm v.t.

2. to measure the depth of by means of a sounding line; sound.

3. to penetrate to the truth of; comprehend; understand.

DATE: Saturday 21 September – Sunday 22 September

VENUE: Old Factory Cooperage, Royal William Yard, Plymouth

TIME: Various

TICKETS: Free Admission

ENQUIRIES: River Tamar Project

Fathom is a major new sound work by artist Jane Grant and musician and composer John Matthias. A sound installation that immerses visitors in an underwater sound-environment where the minute fluctuations of the sea are heard as they move around the space.

FATHOM will be installed in the Old Factory Cooperage Building in Royal William Yard, Plymouth.

12pm-12am Saturday 21st September
12-8pm Sunday 22nd September

Fathom will create an immersive sonic experience where the volume of one material; water, meets another, air. The changeability of the atmospheric interaction of these two materials will bring together the atmospheric and the submarine, lived human spaces, temporal and ethereal.

This commission will be the centrepiece of a public event to launch It’s All About the River,a year-long project to celebrate the historical, cultural and future importance of the River Tamar, which forms the border between Devon and Cornwall.

The River Tamar Project will culminate in the staging of an international film festival along the banks of the river in 2014, which will commission and schedule a programme of contemporary and historic film and video that seeks to bring awareness of the waterway in the context of major rivers throughout the world. It also hopes to use the landscape to enable national and international artists, and the individual communities, to create a range of striking works and thought-provoking experiences.

More information about Ocean City Festival: www.visitplymouth.co.uk/oceancityfestival

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