The Big Draw – Extending the Line: Drawing Tomorrow

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The Big Draw – Extending the Line:  Drawing Tomorrow

18th October – 2nd November 2013  (12pm – 6pm)

The Big Draw is an international initiative now in its 13th year. With the intention of celebrating and encouraging Drawing, this year’s theme is Drawing Tomorrow and as a part of this, 44AD Artspace are setting up a collaborative piece to which all visitors will be encouraged to contribute.

Initially running alongside The Extended Line (a mixed media exhibition of works by Anna Kot and Anna Gartell) and continuing to be a part of the 1st anniversary show of the Resident 44AD artists, “Extending the Line: Drawing Tomorrow” will change and develop over the fortnight as more and more people add their mark(s) and stretch their line into tomorrow. Whether with pencil or crayon or, to broaden potential, thread, string and shards of card, it is intended to cover the walls, floor and even the ceiling.

The process will be recorded as the piece grows and transforms the space it is within and whether the final piece stands alone or has consumed some of the original work displayed remains to be seen. The outcome may be unknown but the collaborative process of Extending the Line and Drawing Tomorrow will be an exciting route to take part in.

44AD Art Space

7b Lower Borough Walls
Bath BA1 1QR
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