Language of Paint – Atkinson Gallery


Language of Paint – Iain Andrews & Richard Kenton-Webb

4 November – 7 December

Richard Kenton-Webb
Taking inspiration from the romantic and metaphysical traditions of the great English landscape painters, Richard Kenton-Webb creates work steeped in memories of the landscapes that have shaped his life. Using pure and often rare pigments, Richard has embarked on an epic exploration into colour.

‘Most of all colour is a journey of surprises …learning to read colour is a wonder but to express ourselves within it is something else entirely.’

Iain Andrews
‘My paintings begin as a dialogue, both with a particular Folk Tale and also an image from art history – a painting by an Old Master that may then be used as a starting point from which to playfully but reverently deviate.’

Sensuous and playful yet contemplative, Iain Andrews’ paintings blur the boundaries between abstraction and figuration, creating a vital, living dialogue with the viewer. Iain was shortlisted for the 2010 Jerwood Fellowship and currently practices as artist in residence and Art Psychotherapist at Trinity High School in Manchester.

Atkinson Gallery

Millfield School


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Monday – Saturday 9.30am to 5pm Closed Sunday

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