a-n Review: Frieze London


Review: Frieze London – a good education in how the art market works

Is Frieze Art Fair useful in any way to artists and is it good for artists and art? Filmmaker, artist and Frieze first-timer Gillian McIver roams the gallery booths and curated projects at the fair’s vast Regent’s Park marquee and finds the experience useful, enlightening and at times troubling.

This is the first edition of Frieze I’ve ever attended. I approached it with an open mind, aware of what an art fair is and what my expectations could and should be.

The first thing to remember about Frieze is simply that it is an art fair – not an exhibition or biennial. Artists, particularly those of us who are not featured in Frieze, can feel a bit righteously critical of such an event because it feels so extremely commercial. Well, the fact is, trade fairs are entirely commercial. For me, the questions are whether Frieze is useful in any way for artists and whether it is good for artists and for art – including side aspects of the fair, such as Frieze Projects…..

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