Graffiti Art Classes



Graffik Gallery is a cool contemporary arts gallery in the heart of Notting Hill, London.

A stunning creative space owned by self-confessed devotees of street art, designed with exhibiting street arts in mind.

Our classes are taken by street artists, who introduce your group to graffiti techniques and spray paints. The workshops run over the course of an afternoon or evening in our now famous graffiti garden.

We start by doing a walking tour of some local graffiti that includes a famous original street piece by “Banksy” which allows you to familiarise yourself with some of the history of street art as well as how the images are created.

Food and drinks can be brought with you or we can organise this for you. There are local Mexican, Italian, Thai & Swedish restaurants.

We would then return to the gallery and our artists will give you a demonstration of some graffiti techniques and then it’s time to start spraying! You spray onto an A4 canvass, we can teach you how to cut your own or you can use pre-cut stencils.

The canvass allows for a memento of the day for your office or home. Other suggestions would be to make this competitive with the resident graffiti artist judging the best canvas made on the day.

We can also white wash our renowned graffiti wall so you can do a Corporate Muriel or Street piece throughout you time here at Graffik Gallery. We can spray your business logo/name etc onto our wall, you then build up your own mural during the event.

We supply the materials such as paints, masks, A4 canvass, stencils & gloves.

Prices start from £25 per person

Graffik Gallery

  • 284 Portobello Road London W10 5TE
  • Tel: 020 8354 3592
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