Regional Interference


Regional Interference

Regional Interference was a unique pilot project enabling 5 artists based in the South West who did not have commercial gallery representation to be supported by Bristol’s WORKS|PROJECTS, one of the UK’s leading commercial galleries outside London, for an extended period earlier this year.

The selected artists, Sebastian JeffordJames Parkinson, Kit Poulson Mike Ricketts and Marie Toseland ranged from recent graduates from art schools in the South West to artists in their forties who had relocated to be based in the region. They were supported by the gallery to not only develop their practice, but were also helped to secure greater critical exposure and to begin to create a presence in the commercial market.

WORKS|PROJECTS director, Simon Morrissey, will be joined by artists from the programme and Grace Davies of Visual Arts South West to discuss the role of commercial galleries in talent development and promotion, creating sustainable careers for practicing artists outside London and the interaction of the public and commercial sectors in supporting critically engaged practice.


Tuesday 26 November 2013, 6pm


Free, booking essential

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133 Cumberland Road, Bristol BS1 6UX

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