Dragomir Misina at 44AD


Dragomir Misina at 44AD

Currently on show in the side gallery at 44AD untill 24th November are a selection of recent works by Dragomir Misina.

‘ My paintings are an exploration into colour, texture, mark making and painting itself. They are a combination of chance and deliberation, functioning as a diagram of layers, marks and colours which create gateways into make-believe worlds, suggesting both a physical and emotional energy in the course of making the work.

The starting point of each painting is based on a narrative which informs the course of painting and challenges me to find different ways of using materials accordingly, exploring and embracing their versatility in the process. I aspire to create experimental and innovative work which offers a diverse experience with each new painting.’

14 – 24 Nov (12 midday–6pm)


44AD Art Space

7b Lower Borough Walls
Bath BA1 1QR
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