Ione Parkin RWA: Primal Matter

Ione Parkin Birth of Galaxies oil on canvas102x127cm_m

Ione Parkin

Ione Parkin RWA: Primal Matter

23 November – 2 February

Admission free

Ione Parkin creates abstract paintings which celebrate the beauty of the raw elements of nature and which explore themes of interconnectedness and diversity within the natural world.  She works from her own experience of varied environments and references micrographic sources, satellite macro-imagery of Earth’s surface and radio-telescopic images of deep space.

In this one-person show at the Victoria Art Gallery, Ione presents a new body of intricately balanced work, rich in colour and texture.  The larger canvases and smaller mixed media works in the exhibition range from the dynamically dramatic to the lyrically luminous.

Victoria Art Gallery

Bridge Street,

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