FLUX at 44AD artspace


44AD artspace invites you to FLUX Private View: Thurs 21 Nov (6pm – 8pm)

FLUX has been curated by Melanie Kew and features nine talented artists working across ceramics, print, sculpture, photography and drawing. (please see artist info)
Exhibition runs: 19 – 24 Nov 2013 (open daily 12 midday – 6pm)

Jeremy Palmer – I work with mainly English oak to create 3 dimensional forms.
Pauline Palmer – I work in paint and print media to create intuitive, abstract images.
Rachel Bond – My slip cast porcelain vessels, based on the scientific, inspired
by nature, the unseen world of the atom and the molecule, magnified under the
microscope, referring to the hidden narrative of life that goes on around us but is
largely invisible.
Kilda Meadows – Kilda is a mixed media artist and these Sea Wall pieces were
made as part of a recent residency in Porthleven, Cornwall. Sea Wall is a counter
response to the rich natural resources of the Porthleven coast and makes reference
to the presence of concrete as a modern and durable material used widely in many
of our coastal towns.
Richard Winfield – Colourful earthenware plates and platters based on a previous
life as a geographer, inspired by maps and geology along with a collection of 3
dimensional ‘structure’ pots bringing a sense of contour into the ‘real’ world.
Jonathon Pearce – A series of coastal scape photographs showing the interaction
of sea and land at Portland Bill, Dorset. These images taken at dawn or dusk use
long exposures to record the movement of the sea over the mysterious Portland rock
Nao Kitama – Photo realistic pencil drawings of industrial settings. ‘Through the act
of drawing I aim to find a way of connecting with my past.
Melanie Kew – It’s life innit! Ceramic installation and figurative work inspired by
people, ceremony and the dwellings we inhabit.

44AD Art Space

7b Lower Borough Walls
Bath BA1 1QR
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