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Axisweb selects Virginia Verran

This month we feature Virginia Verran who tells us about combining drawing and painting, a sense of danger and the relationship between her body and practice.

Ruth Wilbur: Your work often combines drawing and painting. Why is this?

Virginia Verran: I began to draw again in 2009 in order to see if I could ultimately inject new information and detail into my paintings.  I found a way to layer space graphically using fine nib pens and this unleashed an intuitive stream of consciousness.

My studio is below ground level and I often think of the space below and above. I’m interested in sound, reverberation, and peripheral movement. Finding a visual language to allude to these sensations is the challenge.

RW: You also use a number of distinctive marks and recurrent motifs. Where do these come from?

VV: I began a series of circular drawings when I undertook a residency at Cill Rialaig, County Kerry in 2009, one of which won the Jerwood Drawing Prize in 2010. In the series there was a clear response to the receding levels of space and the incredible beauty that I experienced.

I was aware, as I stared at the horizon line, of a sense of repetition of conflict through history. I felt a strong sense of the constant danger and threat to our equilibrium, both from outside our bodies and within.

The suggestion of flags, propellers, bombs, tracer-fire, meteorites, bacteria and cells in my work, play a roll as signifiers of that perceived threat but they also act as a formal device, motifs that sit on the surface of the space, playful and percussive.

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