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New exhibition open to all

Alice Bradshaw has set a brief for artists to respond to

We are hosting an exhibition of new work sent in by you lovely people that deals with ‘rubbish’ – what is left over and rejected as no longer any use. As artists we all discard stuff in our creative processes and we are opening the floor to these objects and materials.

See the brief page here  (you can upload your work directly from the site) and take a look at the gallery to see what has been sent in so far.

Alice Bradshaw is an independent curator. Her area of research is rubbish in contemporary art and more can be found out here.

The next project we are working on is with Vivien Zhang of Saatchi Online and international exhibition fame. You guys should really check her out before we slap you round the face with her work…

Advertising Exhibitions was established in 2012 by three enterprising students who wanted to give artists the opportunity to show their work in ways they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to. This also means artists and contributors have the possibility of meeting new people and learning new things. If you want to find out more or feel you have a project to offer then please get in touch or see our social networking pages.


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