The Interalia Centre art/science/consciousness magazine

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The Interalia Centre art/science/consciousness magazine

The Interalia Centre is in the process of creating and developing a monthly online magazine dedicated to promoting inquiry into, and open-minded discussion about, the interactions between the arts, sciences and consciousness.

Consistent with The Interalia Centre’s aims it will offer knowledge and inspiration from the world’s most exciting thinkers to a community of the curious to engage with ideas and each other. An important aspect of the magazine will be to foster news ideas and promote further discussion.

After many years of exploring the interactions between the arts and sciences, we now feel it’s time to widen the scope of our journey and I am inviting you to join us.

To get this project off the ground we are currently running a Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign.

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The magazine will be monthly, with 2 levels of access – part free content and full content by subscription. Subscription will be based on making the magazine accessible for a general readership without trivialising its content.

The magazine will consist of, among other things, articles (created by contributors via invitation, commission and open submission, with all content approved by editor(s) before publishing. All articles to remain copyright of the contributor); Interviews with artists, scientists etc; Audio and video content; A bookshop of contributors publications with links to sellers; Links to events and other organisations; plus a newsletter. In order to create discussion the magazine will make extensive use of social media platforms, current and future.

Each INTERALIA magazine issue will be focused on a particular theme. Proposed themes to be covered during the first year include – Celebrating the Imagination; Transition – Towards an Ecozoic Era; Time, Space and Scale ; Complexity, Emergence and Information; Identity and the Self ; Celebrating the Rational ; Alchemy and Metaphor ; Contemplating Inner and Outer Space; Visions of Light; Intuitive Rational Thinking; Mirror and Shadow ; Visualizing Space; Fashion. Science. Future.

Contributors to the Interalia magazine so far include –

ARTICLES by Lindsay Clarke, Jules Cashford, Patrick Harpur, Prof. John D Barrow, Tony Robbin, Prof. John Brown, Maria Popova, Rob Kesseller, Dr Jacquelynn Baas, Peter Randall-Page, Annie Cattrell, Prof. Vlatko Vedral, Dr Neil Hawkes, Marianne Rankin, Dr William Bloom, Prof. Simeon Nelson……

And INTERVIEWS with James Turrell, Prof. Stuart Kauffman, Miya Ando, Helen Storey, Andy Goldsworthy, Susan Derges, Liliane Lijn, Jack Klaff, Prof. Murray Shanahan, Prof. Margaret Boden, Ian McGilchrist, Prof. Neils Henrik Gregersen, Prof Keith Ward, Alex Schlegel, B Alan Wallace……….

We are planning to launch the magazine in March 2014, the first issue being on theme of ‘Celebrating the Imagination, to coincide with the ‘Celebrating the Imagination Part 2’ festival currently being organised by The Interalia Centre

Richard Bright


The Interalia Centre

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