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Exhibition Runs: 16th Jan – 9th Mar 2014

Momentum is a forward thinking exhibition showcasing a variety of interpretations of the word. Whether a literal translation, or considered on a deeper level, the artists bring together a fresh outlook to the meaning.

Exhibiting artists include the ‘First Impressions 2013′ winner Tim Pavier, illustrating rapid movement through his use of fluid and abstract brushstrokes and James Tebbutt using varying styles of paint application including the drip, the splatter, and the flat, all jostling for position on the canvas. James Holdsworth’s work illustrates movements within society making social commentaries on our infatuations with celebrity culture and iconography. Louis Masai Michel’s depictions of birds reflect migration theories, Richard Twose’s beautiful paintings show abstracted figures moving transiently through mysterious scenes, Sherrod Barnes Ginifer’s sculptures capture the innocence and fearlessness of youths agility and Paresh Nrshinga’s abstract paintings, rich in colour and depth, illustrate a collision of colours representing the feeling of the birth of new beginning or perhaps capturing an explosive end.


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159-161 Hotwell Road
Bristol BS8 4RY

05603 116753

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