The way artwork is placed in a space is usually a hidden concern, one for the artist or curator. In those last few days before the work is made public, blood, sweat and tears may be staining the whitewashed walls, as fixtures and fittings are frustratedly fussed with. ‘Attached‘ seeks to alleviate this pain.
This exhibition asks artists to make work focused around the simplest of attachment methods the cable tie. The work will then be installed in and around the city of Bath. Artworks may take the form of intervention, performance, sculpture, 2d or any other work that relates to the environment that work is sited in.

Proposals should consider what the work is attached to and can centre around the ties and attachment method itself. Multiple works or performances repeated at different locations are welcome. Priority is given to artists creating new work specifically for the festival, but existing work is considered if it matches the brief.

Submission details:

The project will be based in Bath, hosted by FaB and facilitated by Artshell.  Artshell is a new curatorial project that organises pop-up shows in temporary and alternative spaces and invites artists to respond directly to those spaces.

Email your proposal (one A4 page), an artists statement and supporting images / media to Please also feel free to send any questions to this email address.

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