On Landscape #1 Book Call


On Landscape #1 Book Call, On Landscape Project

Deadline for submissions: 3rd February 2014
Submission fee: none


‘On Landscape #1’ – at Guest Projects, 7th- 30th March 2014

On Landscape # 1 seeks to instigate a series of discussions, raise questions and incite debate on representations of landscape. A central element of the project will consist of an open call for self-published, handmade or short run books relating to the exhibition framework. The publications, on display throughout the exhibition, will provide a platform for wider debates around landscape whilst presenting an opportunity for emerging practitioners to showcase their work.

Open to all and free to enter, the only criteria is that each book relates to the theme of the ‘On Landscape #1’ project.

Deadline for submissions: 3rd February 2014

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Contact: onlandscapeproject@gmail.com

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