Alessandro Roma – Solo Exhibition – High House Gallery


Alessandro Roma – Solo Exhibition

Alessandro Roma | Solo Exhibition | 15 March – 6 April
Champagne View | Sunday 16 March | From 3 – 6pm
High House is pleased to announce that the upcoming exhibition will feature the stunning works of Alessandro Roma, with his solo exhibition this coming March.
We are very proud to be given such a wonderful opportunity to represent the work of such a unique and talented artist, and we very much look forward to your support and hope that you can make it to the opening Sunday event.
Alessandro Roma principally works with collage, a very specific medium he favours for the creation of mental landscapes, where perspective flattens out and signs become lost. Through the construction of personal peregrinations, the artist explores the limits of pictorial tradition, preserving its classical thematics but moving away from traditional and formal techniques. Alessandro Roma works with the indefinite and plays with perception: his works elude rigid form, while memory and fantasy are reciprocally and constantly confused. The process of creation of his works inevitably begins with a naturally recognisable material. The analysis of the naturalistic phenomenon triggers a reflection on the nature of perception. Roma’s interest lies in the way in which we know reality and his practice verges towards the essential.The artist’s work proposes that garden is an archetype, an antique conception, a magical place that carries a perpetual metamorphosis in its construction and meaning. Unlike the landscape which opens up to its observer, the garden must be explored and profoundly inspected in order to be appreciated. This approach is the key to understanding Alessandro Roma’s practice, which evokes a catharsis and mental predisposition into which the spectator is absorbed amongst intersecting forms, in a labyrinth of memories, references and suggestions that are concretised through the sculptural and pictorial surfaces. The theme of the garden is treated as an ideal conception rather than a documentary.
Alessandro Roma reinstates the completeness of fragmentation of a space which custodies elements that cannot be immediately assimilated. Painting lives in an equilibrium between abstraction and figuration, sculptures evoke anthropomorphic forms and the memory of ancestral containers of natural elements, tracing surreal and imaginary visions. His works reminisce indefinite places , but, if attentively observed, trees, rocks, rivers, flowers, ruins, lilies, paths ad traces of figures can be seen activating different mental and perspective overtures, obtained thanks to the multiplication of vanishing points and stimulated by the simultaneous use of different artistic techniques.Roma’s planning is meticulous and comprises the creation of installations which are profoundly and multi-medially connected to its surrounding space, granting the creation of a complete artwork.

Exhibition runs until 6 April 2014 / Thursday – Sunday 12am – 6pm.

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