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Exhibition Runs:
6th Mar – 27th Apr 2014

Scape is a celebration of the landscape, seascape and cityscape. In this group show, artists apply their individual creative minds and unique style to produce a memorable collection of ‘scapes, of a diverse nature that you may not have seen before.

  • Twice ‘Jerwood Drawing Prize’ winner Kristian Fletcher, whose new work has been purchased for Prince Charles’ royal collection, will be introducing work from his new collection of Scottish landscapes, inspired by his time spent on his Dumfries residency.
  • At first sight, Simon Ledson‘s landscapes can give the observer a feeling of familiarity. Given time, tilted horizons, powerful colours and perspectives, cease to suggest peace but rather turn to majestic experiences of feeling fragile against nature.
  • Vivienne Baker‘s paintings draw on visual memories. She builds layers of differing tones and opacity, combining traditional painting with decorating rollers and spray guns. The image evolves and emerges from a slow multi-layering process, creating undefined spaces that the viewer has to work to interpret.
  • Simon Averill‘s abstract landscape paintings respond to the fleeting and transitory effects of light and how it acts upon particular locations that hold a resonance for him. Layers of paint are built and condensed to give a beautiful depth of colour and intensity of light.
  • Thomas Dowdeswell explores the mechanical dynamism of the cityscape with an evolved vision of known movements such as Vorticism, Futurism and Constructivism.
  • Ian Jacob is known for his experimental, often ground breaking, techniques that offer a fresh new vision of the landscape. The three-dimensional element in his work plays with light and changes our perception, turning the contemplation of his works into something truly magical.
  • The detailed cityscapes of Andy Price are inspired by the idiosyncrasies of the Japanese society. Urban agglomeration, trains, buildings and organised chaos represented in his works are pure plastic beauty.
  • Andrew Munoz‘s paintings can be considered both disturbing and beautiful. The result is a mix between fear and desire. Opposites, such as tragedy and comedy, often sit together in his works, placed in wide rural spaces or urban environments.

This exhibition offers an array of contemporary interpretations of a traditional theme. Scapes can be seen in 3D paintings, sculptural forms, abstracted reality, and through the minds of vivid imagination.

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