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The Royal Photographic Society’s Members’ Exhibition

Joining Art at the Heart in 2014, The Royal Photographic Society presents two exhibitions – The RPS Members’ Biennial Print Exhibition and the RPS International Images for Science Exhibition.

The RPS Members’ Biennial Print Exhibition showcases a variety of work from some of The Society’s members and demonstrates their commitment to the art of photography.

The Society has over 11,000 members worldwide and this exhibition celebrates the 160th anniversary of The Society in 2013.

Membership of The Society is open to anyone of any ability who has an interest in image-making.
International Images for Science Exhibition

‘Snow Crystal’ by Kenneth Libbrecht
The Society’s International Images for Science exhibition showcases the vast range of applications of photography within modern-day science.

Many of the images represent worlds beyond human vision, using the microscope and the telescope, subjects revealed through polarised light, fluorescence and techniques such as high-speed photography.

‘Hyacinth Growth Sequence’ by Hugh Turvey
“No number of words can express or indicate the information that a photograph can,” says Afzal Ansary, curator of the exhibition.
“Therefore, scientists have always needed to communicate their discoveries by pictorial documentation in the form of photographs.

“In fact, the application of photography to science is almost as old as photography itself.”

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