P/N/18 Death by Matthew Noel-Tod

L/B/13 Drawn and Quartered by Liam Gillick

Opening night: Friday 25th April 2014 18:30-21:00
Exhibition runs 26 Apr-11 May

P/N/18 Death by Matthew Noel-Tod
Matthew Noel-Tod’s new project titled, Death, presents a reversed reading of the themes of the artist’s work from the last 3 years.

Noel-Tod’s recent video work investigated the language of CGI and non-photographic recording of objects and bodies, with a focus on the infantilised self-reproduction of ourselves common in commercial images.

The work for Project Number presents three anonymous news archive photos that propose ideas of death, nature, violence and society interpreted through the ideas of psychoanalysis. The black and white images, which can also be read as unknown family photos, are filtered from the windows of the gallery with red, green and blue speech bubbles, a spectrum of colours which make up digital images, but which can only filter each image individually in relation to the position of the viewer.

In relation to speech and language, the exhibition proposes a reverse-psychoanalysis of Noel-Tod’s recent work, where the adult world was represented via children and the disembodied virtual object. Here that reality is ‘regressed’ back to the bodies, objects and images of an adult world.

L/B/13 Drawn and Quartered by Liam Gillick
Liam Gillick has produced the 13th artwork for Pro Numb’s series of on-street light boxes. Drawn and Quartered is a quote taken from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, a 17th century member of parliament who kept a diary of his life in 1660s London.
Gillick’s contribution makes direct links between the light box’s on-street presence and Pepys description of east London.


Project/Number is a visual arts initiative launched in 2010 by Chris Rawcliffe. Project Number has access to a space at 10 Cazenove Road, n16 6bd London that can be used for research, work, accommodation or exhibitions.

The aims of Project Number are to celebrate art by facilitating new ideas, creating opportunities and generating lasting relationships with artists.

Chris Rawcliffe ~ ~ 07595 368744 ~
Robert Powell ~ Gallery Manager ~ skills ~


10 Cazenove Road
N16 6BD London

Open Saturday and Sundays 12-6 pm and by appointment during the week.

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