Studios available to rent now.

Move in June & July.


Thank you for your patience. Wow what a time with studio buildings closing down, the college year ending soon… we have tweaked the model to do this temporary studio building because of such high demand. It is tiresome moving studios so we are offering longer contracts at a discount to facilitate artists. If you are looking for a studio we suggest you book a tour and be ready as these will probably all go by 2nd June.

As we mentioned before there are jaunty strips of new-build units each with outdoor code lock, 4-5 studios, communal sink, concrete floor, floor to ceiling partitions, own door, heated and insulated, tall windows. Approx 9ft high ceilings and all on the first floor with access via a wide stair. Sorry there is no disabled access.

Here is the price list of the studios. Please email for plans. There are approx 30 available to rent now. You can move in to the first ones 1st June, with the rest following each week with the final ones finished end July.

On the May tour days you can see all the buildings, the first built studios and the following studios all marked out. We will be renting studios at these tours.

On the launch FleaMarket weekend, 31st May & 1st June you will see more built studios and the communal space. This will have interesting wall paper, fast free wi-fi, sofas, long table, shelves for donated books and art magazines, some basic cooking facilities and maybe a small pool table. This is the only internet at the site that we provide.

Please apply for a studio by sending a paragraph about the material processes you use in making your work, if any, so we can check your work is suitable. You may want to see the studios before renting as windows point in different directions. Studios can be blacked out easily.
Apply for Artist Studios:

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Apply for Artist FleaMarket:
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Contracts, Special Launch Offer:

To reserve a studio you will need to sign a contract and pay 1 month deposit and one month rent. You then pay monthly in advance via standing order only.
Price of the studios is £15/sqft/year including all bills and rates and general public liability.
No other charges although you could/should have your own liability and contents insurance. (AN Subscription includes liability

The regular 12 months contract is available, you are committing to the full 12 months, the price goes up 5% after 12 months as usual. You can renew for another 6 months.

There is a special launch offer, a longer contract for 18 months and where the start price is fixed for the duration 🙂 So that’s a good deal as the rent stays low and it’s more security and less moving hassle, but you are committing to the full 18 months. Launch offer valid until 2nd June only.

Both contracts role on as the building continues. The building may be 18 months in total.

You can share and sublet, however we only want one name on the contract and one payment for each studio, so you are responsible for all payments for the contract term and you need to find replacement people if they leave.

Viewings and Launch Event:

Public viewing tour of the site and rentals: Sat 10th May, 1 pm
Public viewing tour of the site and rentals: Sat 17th May, 1 pm
Public viewing tour of the site and rentals: Sat 24th May, 1 pm
Open weekend and rentals = Artist FleaMarket, 31st May + 1st June, 12-5pm

To book a tour:

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