New International Report on Socially Engaged Practices

Artquest is partnering with Social Practices Art Network (SPAN) and dot to dot active arts in encouraging participation in (SPAN) Together, an online survey and report aimed at providing richer quantitative data on how artists and culture workers are choosing to work in an expanded field: socially engaged practice, community-based art, public practices and participatory arts, to name a few.

This survey invites reflection on:

  • the ‘shape’ and ‘scope’ of your practice,
  • how and where you work,
  • who you are working with,
  • the primary audience for you work,
  • the tools and methodologies you employ, and
  • touches on the topic of funding and work/life balance.

The survey is live and collecting responses until 11 June 2014.

By generating a broader aggregate body of knowledge that includes quantitative data, we will be better equipped to communicate the realities of socially engaged and other practices to funders, institutions and stakeholders demonstrating an interest in working with socially and community engaged artists.

Your answers will be completely anonymous and combined with others’ responses. (SPAN) will generate a report that will be available through the (SPAN) website in autumn 2014.

Social Practices Art Network (SPAN) is a media resource for individuals, organizations, community groups and institutions that are interested in new genre arts forms and practices. It serves as a platform for a variety of socially engaged art and design practices.

Click here to complete the survey

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