P-E-R (Proboscis-Extension-Reader)


Bristol Diving School is pleased to announce the forthcoming exhibition:

P-E-R (Proboscis-Extension-Reader)
TOAST gallery, Manchester.

Private View: Thursday 12th June, 6 – 9pm
In residence: 26th May – 22nd June
Event: The Dormant Ruptures… Thursday 19th June

Proboscis-Extension-Reader, or P-E-R, is a web-based project that Bristol Diving School has employed over the past 13 months as a means for developing, processing and sharing research and writing. Its content informs and sits alongside the collaborative production of physical and digital works. The project takes its name from the proboscis extension reflex, an automatic response relating to the foraging and learning behaviour of bees. Visual and literary essays, some finished, some in progress, have been published on the website, broadly ranging from the foraging behaviour of bees to the impact of colonisation on the Sinixt First Nation tribe of the West Kootenay region in British Columbia, from historical figures associated with the Christodora squat in New York to considerations on the 21st Century Pro Am movement. The essays might be viewed – some explicitly, others more loosely – as self-reflexive contributions toward a broader perspective on collaborative or collective action and self- organised networks.

P-E-R will become activated in the TOAST space, with its visual and literary content realised through object, action, discussion, video and writing. Many of the essays have been informed by recent residencies and field trips undertaken by Bristol Diving School over the past year, in The Hague (NL), Nelson BC (CA), Cushendall (NI) and various sites in Wales. Akin to the original format of P-E-R, the structure of its physical activation at TOAST is subject to change over time reverberating the characteristics of an informational ecosystem in a state of flux and process. The staging of P-E-R extends a virtual system of information and association into the material realm and is intended to open up a wider network of exchange and dialogue with the local community surrounding TOAST.

Bristol Diving School is the name of a building in Bristol (UK) where an artist collective was formed in 2009. Collaboration informs the project as both method and subject. As such, all accreditation of work produced is made to Bristol Diving School; the project is the author, the artist.

For ongoing updates to the residency event programme visit: www.p-e-r.net

TOAST has been made possible by Castlefield Gallery and the New Art Spaces scheme.

Federation House
Federation Street
M4 2AH

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