Founders’ Sculpture Prize 2014


Call for Entries

The Founders’ Company and the Gilbert Bayes Trust are pleased to announce the commencement of the 2014/15 Founders’ Sculpture Prize.


The aims of the Prize are:

  • To promote excellence and imagination in the art of figurative sculpture using the human form.
  • To foster figurative sculptors in the earlier stages of their careers, and to give them a unique opportunity of creative freedom within a commission context.
  • To encourage figurative sculptors to use cast bronze, and to increase public interest in cast bronze sculpture.
  • To increase the standard of technical skill in figurative sculpture.
  • To find new and meaningful expressions of the human figure in sculpture, and
  • To challenge preconceptions about sculpture of the human form, and to stimulate public interest in figurative sculpture.

    Eligibility of competitors

    Applications for the Prize are invited from any figurative sculptors in the early stages of their sculpting careers. There are no restrictions on nationality, age or sculpting qualifications, and the Prize Committee will look sympathetically at borderline applicants. However, the Prize Committee wishes the Prize to encourage up-and-coming sculptors in the early stages of their careers, rather than those whose careers are already established, and will not entertain submissions from competitors whose post-qualification sculpting careers exceed fifteen years in aggregate.


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