Interalia Magazine



An online magazine dedicated to the interactions between the arts, sciences and consciousness. Welcome to Issue 2 of the Interalia Magazine, offering knowledge and inspiration from the world’s most exciting thinkers and practitioners. New scientific perspectives on complex systems, emergence and information have taken on wider philosophical and ‘religious’ implications. This issue explores these implications and engagements within the context of science, art and theology, with theoretical biologist Stuart Kauffman, physicist Vlatko Vedral, professor of theology Niels Henrik Gregersen, artists Simeon Nelson, Anna Dumitriu, Susan Derges, Stanza together with further contributions from B Alan Wallace and Manuel Lima, among others. There’s also a poem by the late, great Richard Feynman. Plus, in order to extend the scope of the magazine, there’s a new blog section, with articles on ‘What ants teach us about the brain, cancer and the internet?’ and ‘Cells to Civilisations’, among others. An important aspect of the magazine is to foster new ideas and promote further discussion. I hope you will join in.

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