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Bath and Bristol: Creative Economy Global Hub

Introducing Craneworks, Bath’s creative centre For Bath to have its own large-scale creative and tech hub has been part of the dream for Creative Bath since our inception. Bath would benefit in multiple ways from having a world-class centre for invention like this – as would so many creative and tech companies.

So there’s great news today: that dream is taking steps to becoming a reality. The Craneworks project at the former Stothert & Pitt factory buildings on Lower Bristol Road is unveiled…

It’s vital that the creative professionals of Bath get behind this bold new venture, to generate momentum behind it and to help galvanise B&NES council into action. Please take the time to read the Press Release, the 10 Key Facts and the Prospectus.

And then – make a lot of noise:
Pass on to your contacts
Tweet about it, with the hashtag #Craneworks and tag @CreativeBath
And spread the word!
The website will offer people the options of tweeting a statement to B&NES and signing up to it online.

Exciting times – but far from a done deal. Let’s get behind it, people!

‘Silicon Gorge’ Investor Day
The second ‘Silicon Gorge’ Investor Day is coming up (July 2nd) at The Engine Shed and we want to encourage exciting tech startups to apply for a selection process on 25th June.

Bath & Bristol need to put forward the best early-stage tech companies since London investors are coming to discover gems being developed ‘out west’. If they like what they see, they’ll keep on coming back.

Please share this opportunity with your networks and/or recommend startups who we should approach.


The People Behind Craneworks

The Craneworks project is the brainchild of a group of talented and well- connected Bath people, who passionately love the city and want to play an active part in realising its potential as a transformative world-class centre of creativity, inventiveness and well-being.

The group shares a strong sense of purpose to inspire and enable local people of all ages and backgrounds, not least young people, to explore the fusion of creative, practical and technical skills required to realise their ideas, meet the changing needs of current and future employers, and create new enterprises of their own. These national and international professionals (see below) have volunteered many hours of their time to bring the project to fruition.

“Bath Spa University fully supports this imaginative and exciting proposal, and will be actively involved in its development and implementation. This is the kind of opportunity that Bath urgently needs to embrace.”

Professor Christina Slade, Vice-Chancellor, Bath Spa University

You can either share:


– the story on TechSPARK
– the link to the application form
– retweet any relevant tweets from @DavidPMR or @TechSPARKuk

‘Til next time!
Vicky Shelton-Smith
Development Manager, Creative Bath

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