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The Eden Project: Call to Artists and Designers

The Eden Project is very enthusiastic to give artists and designers the opportunity to contribute to a new Wellcome funded exhibit about the human microbiome. The Eden Project is seeking to commission pieces of work for an upcoming exhibition that will explore the unfolding story of the human microbiome providing new ways of understanding and linking human health and planetary health in a rapidly-changing world.

Our body is a community containing many trillions of useful microbes which all work together to keep us healthy (forming, feeding and defending us). We are an ecosystem in the same way as a rainforest is. How does our ‘microbiome’ work? What happens when it goes out of balance? How can we help keep it in balance? How can we apply these lessons to the planet we live on as well as the world within us?

We invite proposals for new work, but are also interested in existing pieces that relate to the subject. We would help and encourage artist/scientist collaborations. We welcome proposals in all variety of media (digital, film, sound, textiles, ceramics etc….)


We welcome applications in a variety of media: video, sculpture, textile, animation, interactive/digital, photography, painting, drawing, robotics/automata, etc..

We also hope to be able to have a small live lab element, which can serve as a static display as well as an interactive exhibit for feedback, discussion and on occasion could become a live experiment workshop space.

Artist fee (variable): up to £10,000 (please note this is a maximum, not a target)

Deadline for submission: 18th July 2014

For further information and to download the full design brief, please visit the Eden Project website:

Or contact Celine Holman, Interpretation Team


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