Art VS Reality


Art Galleries VS Reality Ep.1

Why were art galleries invented and what’s their real purpose in today’s artworld?

Conceptualism VS Reality Ep.2

Why can ANYTHING be Art? Conceptualism… defined and deflated in about 6 minutes.

Street Art VS The Art Market Ep.3

Street art isn’t the first subculture to have an odd relationship with the art market. When the impressionists held their own exhibitions, outside of the Paris Salon, they changed the artworld forever. But today’s art fairs make the Paris Salon look like a yard sale. So, in this age of market dominated art, has it become any easier for subcultures to maintain their integrity? Will street art hold its own or will history just keep on repeating?

Art School VS Reality Ep.4

The truth about Art Schools, and why students keep paying huge tuition fees from careers that don’t exist. We explore the history of art schools and ask whether they’ve gotten better, worse or essentially stayed the same.

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