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I believe in evidence. I believe in observation, measurement, and reasoning, confirmed by independent observers. I’ll believe anything, no matter how wild and ridiculous, if there is evidence for it. The wilder and more ridiculous something is, however, the firmer and more solid the evidence will have to be. – Isaac Asimov

We are delighted to announce that EVIDENCE is the theme of our next festival, taking place in Derby UK between 13 March – 12 April 2015. Also launching today is EXPOSURE, our international open call, featuring a high profile international Jury and Awards for exhibition and event submissions.

Photography was once considered the most accurate way to record truth. The photograph acted as a reliable piece of evidence; indisputable proof of something, someone or somewhere. Since its discovery, photography has been employed as a silent witness to ideas, capturing events and representing a trace of the world.

Today, every two minutes, we take as many photos as the entirety of humanity took during the 1800s. On a daily basis, we use photography to evidence our lives, routines, landscapes, friends, meals, encounters. Millions of seemingly insignificant moments are recorded and shared online, creating inconclusive portraits of individuals, places and events. We want to go deeper into this territory of EVIDENCE, from the selfie, the researched documentary to the archive, the staged and ideas.

Although photography is still a primary medium of representation it can no longer considered a purely evidential document. It can equally misrepresent reality as much as it reveals truths; questioning the historic idiom the camera never lies.

We are interested in the evidence of your ideas, your lives and the lives of others, today and throughout history. We are inviting submissions which explore the boundaries of photography and its connection to our festival theme, EVIDENCE, in original and genuine ways.

We are looking for submissions from across the medium of photography and beyond for the next edition of FORMAT International Photography Festival, taking place from 13th March – 12th April 2015, in Derby, UK. Submissions are welcomed from artists/photographers, curators, collectives, archives, independent publishers and performers. There are opportunities to show different kinds of works: wall based, installation, public space, screen, interactive, digital, participatory, workshop and event based. Tell us more in the application form! All we ask is that you connect with the theme and photography/still image.

We are open to broad interpretations of the theme.
Think openly about the definition of the theme and you are welcome to take it in any direction you think relates.

Challenge us!

This year, FORMAT is collaborating with IdeasTap to deliver the submission process.

For more information on how to submit visit:
Brian Griffin – Photographer and FORMAT Patron, UK
W. M. Hunt – Photography Consultant and Collector, New York, USA
Wang Baoguo – Chief Editor of Chinese Photography Magazine, China
Aaron Schuman – Photographer, Curator, Writer, Lecturer, and Editor of SEESAW Magazine, UK
Tim Clark – Editor of 1000 Words Photography Magazine, UK
Peggy Sue Amison – Artistic Director, East Wing, Dubai/Doha, UAE
Joanne Junga Yang – Director of Y&G Art, Global Contemporary Project, Seoul, KR
Enrico Bossan – Head of Photography at Fabrica and Editor of Colors Magazine
Erik Kessels – Curator and Director at KesselsKramer Publishing, Netherlands
Louise Clements – Artistic Director of FORMAT/QUAD, UK

Between 30 and 40 applicants will get the opportunity to exhibit or present events at FORMAT International Photography Festival 2015. Applicants will have their work viewed by a panel of international experts and have the opportunity to win photographic equipment and cash prizes, including:

Clifton Cameras Award – Canon Camera, EOS 70D 18-55mm Lens Kit*
FORMAT EXPOSURE Award – £1,000
IdeasTap Award – £1,000
Paul Hill FORMAT Award – £1,000
Genesis and Fujifilm Production Award – £1,000 worth of framing and printing
The Photography Show Award – £500
*Prize value £999. No cash alternative

More awards to be announced soon!

To find out more about EXPOSURE, our jury and awards, visit:

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