Create Now 2014 – UK


Create Now 2014 – UK

Join us live 14-17 July to find out the latest in Creative Cloud from leading creatives and Adobe Worldwide Evangelists.

Whether you’re interested in web, video, design and publishing, photography or a bit of them all, we show you exactly what you need to know to get your workflow to the next level.

During these live shows, we’ll be going behind the scenes with leading creatives in all fields to get your burning questions answered.

Digital Imaging Show – 14 July 7pm:
Madame Peripetie is joined by Adobe Evangelists Jason Levine, Michael Chäize and Rufus Deuchler who will share their insights and inspirations on the latest in Creative Cloud’s Digital Imaging products.

Design and Publishing Show – 15 July 7pm:
Join leading creative Matthew Maxwell from Imagination and Adobe Evangelists Rufus, Michael, and Jason as they show you how to get mobile, keep your creative profile connected and demo the latest cutting edge features and enhancements.

Video Show – 16 July 7pm:
Join Hollywood genius Laurent-Paul Robert as he shares some of his video effects magic from Hollywood. Presenting with Adobe Evangelist Jason Levine, view the latest in cutting-edge features and learn how Creative Cloud enables you to get ahead in the industry.

Web Show – 17 July 7pm:
Join luminary speakers from International Digital Agencies Huge and Reactive and Adobe Worldwide Evangelists as they demonstrate the latest features in Creative Cloud for Web with recent responsive projects and creative insights.

Following on from the London leg of the Create Now World tour we are now bringing the 2014 launch of Creative Cloud straight to your home.

Magazine shows will be live streamed on 14 – 17 July showcasing the newest features in digital, web, video and design. Learn from leading creatives and Adobe’s Worldwide Evangelists how the 2014 release of Creative Cloud is going to take your work to the next level.

Get involved and join the conversation on Twitter by using #CreateNow!

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