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High House Summer Show | Choice

Open Weekend | Sat 16 & Sun 17 Aug | 12 – 6pm

Join us with your friends and family for a summer celebration of varied contemporary art. Our CHOICE exhibition will commence with an open weekend where you can browse our group exhibition over a glass or two of wine or bubbly.

We continue to present contemporary art of the highest quality from an international selection of young and emerging artists. CHOICE will feature an eclectic range of theme, style and price, deployed in a range of mediums including use of paint on canvas, photographic prints, treated prints on wood.
Those chosen for the show are Dan McDermott, Hugh Mendes, Virgilio Ferreira, Barbara Muvienta, Makiko Nakamura, Giacomo Brunelli, Tom Howse, Alison Jackson and Minhong Pyo.

Open weekend Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 August, 12 – 6 pm. Refreshments.
Exhibition runs 16 to 321 August 2014 / Thursday – Sunday 12 – 6pm
Dan McDermott is a painter of the overlooked. His extensive body of work is drawn from an expanding archive of images, frozen frames from film and television, emotionally resonant from their entrapment within the decades in which they were born and forgotten.

Hugh Mendes has obsessively collected newspaper clippings over the past decade to translate into intimate paintings. Recently, Mendes has been working on a never ending series of obituaries. These journalistic articles serve to condense a life into a few column inches and a single image – a scrap of newsprint that becomes a heavy token, a memento, even an icon.

Virgilio Ferreira tries to capture vague or intangible notions and features obstructions, layers, reflections, disappearances and lack of focus. He calls his work ‘imaginary’ whilst always imaging the real.

Barbara Muvienta examines the history and traditions of the local Chilean people. Her paintings feature dramatic scenes of religious events and private spiritual ceremonies. Using unmixed colours in egg tempura and a raw technique brings an elemental and vivid immediacy to her works.

Makiko Nakamura repeats the act of painting and erasing. Always thinking about the relationship between something being erased and the idea or the actual experience of disappearing. In the experience of disappearance something is always lost. Perhaps, the idea of being and non-being is not far apart in her work.

Minhong Pyo examines the interface between the real and imaginary both by constructing his own worlds or by taking enigmatic photographs of the real world. All images are then manipulated to further blur the boundaries of reality.
Tom Howse produces paintings through a mythological investigation into the sources of understanding and the quests we take to comprehend. Colour and paint work as a language to evolve an image beyond a physical depiction to produce exciting work that is mysterious, raw and primal.

Giacomo Brunelli uses vintage cameras and black and white film to create his own style. Printing the images small and in black & white, whilst retaining the black borders with rounded corners, he creates a timeless element recalling 19th century cabinet cards far removed from the usual photographic landscape.

Alison Jackson explores the cult of celebrity – an extraordinary phenomenon of our age made possible by the wide accessibility of images. Jackson makes convincingly realistic work about celebrities doing things in private using lookalikes. She creates scenarios we have all imagined but never seen – the hot images the media can’t get.

This exhibition will run from 16th – 31st August 2014

Open Thursday – Sunday 12am – 6pm

High House Gallery

Main Street
Oxfordshire, OX18 2SH
T: +44 (0)1367 810126


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