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Summer Salon 2014

Vivienne Baker,James Holdsworth,Adele Underwood,Kristian Fletcher,Andrew Munoz,Leanne Stephens

Exhibition Runs:

3rd Jul – 31st Aug 2014

We love Summer. Every year in July and August we experiment with our curating and for our only themeless exhibition of the year. The Summer Salon exhibition gives us the opportunity to try out new artists, new work, new styles, and keep it fast moving. Similar to an art fair, if a piece sells then we remove it straight away and replace it with something new. Similarly, we may decide to introduce new work or another artist at any time, which results in moving things about and maybe even re-hanging the whole show. Playtime for the curators!

This year we are especially interested in showing work by Bristol based artists, such as Ben Risk and Ed Taylor. Ben’s gift for colour application transforms what is just a mundane scenario into a dreamy magical world. Ed Taylor, in contrast, uses a ballpoint pen to create fantastic and complex drawings. His compacted structures play with the scale, mixing animate and inanimate objects in a way that captivates the viewer.

Summer Salon is a dynamic exhibition, introducing new artists and showing an eclectic mix of styles, medium and themes.


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Bristol BS8 4RY

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